Leader in Returnable Container Management

As a leader in our industry, PMM has flexible solutions for all of your returnable container management and warehousing needs. PMM offers manufacturers and distributors a sophisticated alternative to outsourcing all of their warehousing and distribution needs. Our advanced technology and years of experience will enhance your distribution channels, while adding value and increasing your bottom line. Our equipment is designed specifically for containers/dunnage used by the automotive industry, and our operations will ensure that they are returned clean, dry, and ready to use again in a timely fashion.

PMM Headquarters – Indianapolis, IN

Our main headquarters is our secured facility of 192,0000 square feet in Indianapolis, IN. It features dedicated storage and our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly packaging washer. We have 5 locations that service over 100 customers. Our ISO 9001 certified business focuses on cleaning effectively and efficiently to eliminate your environmental concerns and extend the life of your packaging and containers. Phoenix Material Management is the leader in preventative maintenance and repair to help decrease your replacement cost of containers and protective dunnage. Our team is dedicated to quality services and looks forward to working with your business.

Our Locations

  • Indianapolis, IN
    192,000 ft2

  • Charleston SC

    Charleston, SC
    38,000 ft2

  • Columbus IN

    Columbus, IN
    470,000 ft2

  • Whitakers NC

    Whitakers, NC
    75,000 ft2

  • Monterrey MX

    Monterrey, MX
    65,000 ft2

Our Key Customers