We provide the following value added services to your process and products.

Repackaging and Repair Operations

  • Clean engine valves, apply surface agents, and repack
  • Repack parts from overseas packaging crates into returnable containers and/or custom dunnage
  • Recycle / Regrind scrap plastic, metal, and/or cardboard
  • Inspect and Repair all reusable containers, HDPE dunnage and shipping containers

Certified Processes and Business Solutions

  • ISO-9001 certified processes for returnable container cleaning and program management
  • Enterprise business systems integrated across all sites
  • Customers have web-based access to container data, shipping schedules, all by returnable part numbers, including images
  • Cleaning

  • Repair

  • Repackage

  • Certified Facilities

  • Business Solutions

Our Key Customers